Fellow Farmers

Oh my Fellow Farmers,

Are you still standing still, looking up for the blue sky?

From dawn to dusk — down to the ground;

Climate change and catastrophe (la nina, lightnings, volcano eruptions are just to name),


Capitalistic minus ethic,

… and a ton of turbulence behind and beyond…

My fellows, please show us how to be wise and shake off weariness;

and teach us to relentlessly put good deeds and dodge dreariness.

Inspired by farmers always loss the biggest — Bromo eruption, flood, victim of lightning, negligence & less guarding for farmers today in my country (e.g. such as WTO), a book which inform people how ones could make the higher profitability from a land than the other usages e.g. for farming is less “productive”.


Arah Langkah

Benarkah Indonesia ~ negara tanpa arah?

tak tahu ke mana harus melangkah,

tenaga rakyatnya terkerah bagai sapi perah,

seakan lari di tempat sampai rebah;

bila sudah mentok ujung-ujungnya cuma pasrah,

pada IMF, pada WTO, dll, total menyerah,

tanpa merasa bersalah, tanpa merasa gegabah,

tinggallah rakyat tertinggal nan berpeluh berkeluh-kesah;